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As a critical reflection of our worship of monumental buildings as sacred places of devotion to work and study, TEMPLES exposes and questions our relationship with enormous resources invested in these building and how they function as powerful symbols of the work ethic they represent.

Through a multidimensional contemplative space, known places are activated in new ways, by facilitating a situation of visual, acoustic, and tactile stimulation of the senses.

Sound recordings from the locations can be both felt and heard through the pedestals activated with sound viscerally enhancing the experience of the locations.


Mixed media installation worshipping the magnificent and imposing architecture of the most meaningful buildings during the artist’s early period in Aalborg.

This installation was part of the MIN TOURNÉ med en Gallerivæg (2020) travelling exhibition by Ida Brottmann with artist participation through AAAA by Rikke Ehlers Nilsson, Siyana Raykovska, Inga Gerner Nielsen, Ann Mai Røge, and Mille Holtegaard.

Photography by Rikke Ehlers Nilsson.


2020 - MIN TOURNÉ med en Gallerivæg, Aalborg
2021 - Budolfi Plads as part of Genstartskunst i Aalborg by Aalborg Kommunes Kunstfond