Jens Bugay-Hougaard


Master of Science in Experience Design (Aalborg University), 2020
Bachelor of Arts in Art & Technology (Aalborg University), 2017
Cinema and Audiovisual Studies (Escola Superior Artística do Porto), 2016


Sound art and music performance at Kulturmødet Mors (2021)
Sound art and music performance at Dance Traces (2021)
Sound art and music performance at Huset i Hasseris (2021)
reConnect art performance at Brolandingerne (2020)
Sound and music performance at Cross-Art Live #5 (2019)
Vitae Alimenta co-performance with Alberte Husted Larsen at Aalborg Surreal IIIII (2019)
disConnect art performance at 1000Fryd (2019)
Butoh Dance Workshop sound and music co-performance at 1000Fryd (2018)
Primal Act sound and music co-performance with Sandro Masai at 1000Fryd (2017)
SINEBOARD ritual performance (2017)
Actor in the short film Ice Cold portraying Jimmy the Devil (2017)
DJ at the Hillary Trumps Donald Jungle Rave event (2016)
Land-Shape Festival sound art performance with Morten Poulsen (2016)


Temples, Budolfi Plads, Aalborg (2021)
Temples, Min Tourné med en Gallerivæg, Aalborg (2020)
SINEBOARD, CREATE, Aalborg (2017)
Catch the Light, CREATE, Aalborg (2016)
Neurons, Kulturmødet Mors (2016)
Neurons, No-mans Land Festival (2016)
BLOBS, Land-Shape, Blokhus (2016)
Neurons, Land-Shape, Blokhus (2016)
Neurons, Storytelling Festival, Vodsborg Slot (2015)
Steelhenge, Mørke Dage, Aalborg (2015)
Neurons, Platform4, Aalborg (2015 – 2017)
Hand of God, Aalborg Surreal #2 (2015)
Neurons, Kulturmødet Mors (2015)
Neurons, Land-Shape, Hanstholm (2015)
Hand of God, Aalborg Surreal #1 (2015)
Hand of God, CREATE, Aalborg (2014)


Formed the conceptual music band IZEMZ BAND with Sandro Masai (2018)
Co-founded the art platform Aalborg Surreal (2015)
Founded the record label Ample Trace Music (2013)


Aalborg Surreal IIIII co-organizer and curator (2019)
Aalborg Surreal Flash co-organizer and curator (2018)
TEDx Aalborg co-organizer (2017 – 2020)
Aalborg Surreal #4 co-organizer and curator (2017)
Graduation Event co-organizer with Suvi Pölönen (2017)
Co-organizer of the four week Aalborg Surreal Festival at Huset, Aalborg (2016)
Aalborg Surreal #1, #2, #3 co-organizer and curator (2015)


Released Not Only (2021)
Released Big Boy Original Soundtrack (2021)
Released Not Impossibly (2021)
Released In Floating (2021)
Released But Also (2020)
Released Flow (2020)
Sound design and composer of music for Nordkraft X Anniversary Celebration (2019)
Released The Bachelor’s Theme (2017)
Released Aspects + Form (2016)
Composer and producer of soundtrack for the short film BIG BOY (2017)
Released One Moment in Time (2015)
Released Angst (2015)
Produced and released La Verità with Elena Rowland (2013)


Lighting technician for the short film BIG BOY
Camera and sound assistant for the short film BIG BOY


Insults Workshop at Experiri (2016)