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Explore the limitless potential of your imagination to create a vivid sensory presence in an imaginary space. Have you ever had a lucid dream? That is to say, have you ever been conscious that you were dreaming and thereby able to curiously and creatively explore an inner landscape? We invited the public to an intimate embodied experience setting free their creativity in an imaginary space. Through the powerful vibrations of the Sineboard, and with the help of a feet washing ritual, ambient soundscapes, and hypnotic speech, the participants went on an individual and unique exploration into their inner world. The Sineboard is a sonic instrument that can send powerful vibrations through a person’s body to release tension and help induce hypnotic trance.


The project has taken form as a series of experiments designing an integrated aesthetic experience culminating at the Art & Technology spring exhibition 2017 at Aalborg University.


2017 - CREATE, Aalborg