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Blobs - Visualizing Big Data
Blobs Installation
Blobs Construction Details Closeup
Blobs Closeup
Blobs Construction Details


Blobs is a multimedia art installation with particles projected on a canvas and reflected on a glass construction with a 360-degree hologram-like effect to create the illusion of particles floating in mid-air combined with sound generated by wind, turning complex largescale wind measurements such as air temperature, wind direction, and wind speed into a colourful, technological spectacle with a mesmerizing atmosphere.

It is that abstraction of looking at Blobs and relating it to the wind, even though it is far from wind, that enlighten us. It is the ability to transform and relate between various opposing things that gives us the power of creation in the first place; the ability to bring forth a pattern that is not always obvious. Utilising a minimalistic design, Blobs allows viewers to become entranced in the moment and experience this unseen phenomenon in a completely different way.


Blobs was created as the result of collaboration with DONG Energy (now Ørsted A/S) exploring the concept of “Uninvisibility”, in the attempt of achieving an aesthetic characteristic to the wind.

The parameters of the particles and sound such as colour, size, pitch, and volume, are controlled by data sets received from a DONG Energy wind farm near the Isle of Man, in the United Kingdom.

The animation is programmed in C++ using the AlloSystem library.


2015 - CREATE, Aalborg
2016 - Land-Shape, Blokhus

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