The Neurons are an interactive light installation inspired by neuroscience, consisting of units suspended above a path or seating area, resembling giant brain cells floating in mid-air. The units are made up of dodecahedron frames with 12 pentagonal faces from which an elastic fabric is stretched out creating the antennas (dendrites) of the Neurons. While the units are an interpretation of nerve cells in both form and function they also create a conceptual link to what they symbolize; an interconnected network of communication.


The dendrites are illuminated from the inside allowing for dynamic changes of brightness and colour with three dimensional light patterns and effects, drawing a parallel to the electrochemical surges of real-life brain cells. One of our guiding principles is to create an installation that can be enjoyed without prior knowledge of the underlying concept. Understanding the work conceptually should enrich the experience, but it is by no means a requirement. To make sure that the installation works even without interaction, we are adding a pre-programmed default light pattern to it, that can be overridden by user input. The installation is sound controlled, using microphones and microcomputers to pick up and translate audio signals. This allows for conversations and sounds in and around the nests to have a direct effect on the lights above, allowing highly intuitive interaction.


The project started out as a request to create an outdoor site-specific light art installation for Kulturmødet Mors in a small unused forest area at the event location. What began as structures that would function as umbrella-like shelters for the audience, in case of rain, turned into what became Neurons.


2016 - Kulturmødet Mors
2016 - No-mans Land Festival
2016 - Land-Shape, Blokhus
2015 - Storytelling Festival, Vodsborg Slot
2015 - Blok X, Karolinelund, Aalborg (permanent)
2015 - Aalborg Surreal #2
2015 - Kulturmødet Mors
2015 - Land-Shape, Hanstholm

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