Graduation Party

2017 | ,

Graduation Party Invitation for Jens Bugay-Hougaard


Creating an unforgettable graduation event worthy of the legacy of the Art and Technology study programme, with atmosphere, experiences, and co-participatory, using as many of the skills we had learned over the course of three years.

Re-mediated Invitations

We decided that the best way to create invitations in the spirit of ArT was to send re-mediated invitations to the graduates. We handwrote each invitation on ripped out pages from an old art book and filmed the writing of the invitation so that the filmed invitations became re-mediated invitations. This also allowed us to experiment with each invitation telling a unique story for each individual invitee.

Venue Design

The party took place in three different rooms, the main room for dinner and lounging, the dance room with loud music and DJ, and a separate room for the co-participatory performance.

Event Management

The two of us managed the event with everything from coming up with ideas, selecting catering, hiring DJ and performance artist, organizing volunteers, filming re-mediated invitations, hiring equipment, handling the finances, and planning the timeline of the entire event from an experience perspective.


2017 - CREATE, Aalborg