Will We Drown in Plastic?

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Will We Drown in Plastic? Kid x Plastic by Lasse Fischer
Will We Drown in Plastic? Nature x Plastic by Lasse Fischer


Will We Drown in Plastic? is an exploration of a possible immediate future, centred around the material, plastic. How will plastic impact us, our bodies, and our environment?

By posing these questions, the project allows the audience to negotiate their own emotions linked to an uncertain future, with fear, apprehension, and uncertainty coming into focus. These emotions cannot be ignored or pushed aside; instead, they need to be discussed and addressed. Will We Drown in Plastic? asks its audience to take plastic pollution seriously.


Plastic is everywhere. It is the most ubiquitous material in virtually all societies worldwide and can be found in every shopping basket, on every shelf, wrapped around potatoes and tomatoes. It finds its way into offices, children’s rooms, forests, parks, and it even clings to our bodies as most of our clothes contain plastic.

Plastic has been found in the most remote parts of the globe, and in an increasing number of cases, microplastics are being found in human blood.

At present, it is estimated that the accumulated production of plastic exceeds eight billion tonnes of plastic, which is more than one tonne of plastic per person.

Most of this plastic has not been and will never be recycled, instead becoming a persistent part of the world’s topography. It is expected that the annual amount of plastic will quadruple by 2050.


The artworks in the exhibition and performances are diverse and span across various types of artistic disciplines within visual art, performance art, rhythmic music, photography, sound art, sound design, video art, and poetry.

The artists have worked individually and collaboratively to create the artworks, resulting in a wide range of responses and interpretations to the question: Will We Drown in Plastic?

Photography by Lasse Fischer.


2022 - Kunsthal NORD, Aalborg

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